Community Outreach

We understand that business is business, but we also understand that we can help make a difference in our community.
Roadrunner Business Networking is about working with the community of Albuquerque through financial contribution.
Our organization works hard to find time and resources for those in need to enrich the lives of others.

Listed below are just some of the organizations we have worked with and contributed to:

  • Veterans Integration Center
  • Straight to the Horse’s Mouth
  • Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 

1) Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary – Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary in Candy Kitchen, New Mexico, United States, dedicated to rescuing and providing sanctuary for captive-bred wolves and wolfdogs. It is a 501 non-profit organization.

Jarrod Kain Woods (Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary) Tom McMahon (Co-President Road Runner Business Networking Group)

2) Pink Warrior House Foundation – The Mission of Pink Warrior House Foundation is to create a community which supports those battling breast cancer, and their caregivers.  Registered 501(C)-3 Non Profit

Allison Hendricks-Smith (Pink Warrior House) Tom McMahon (Co-President Road Runner Business Networking Group)

3) Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue –  Sunflower Sanctuary is a 501c3 nonprofit sanctuary for old, abandoned, and abused big dogs. They are given a permanent home for the rest of their lives!

Cynthia Dares (Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue) Tom McMahon (Co-President Road Runner Business Networking Group)

4) Paws and Stripes – Paws and Stripes is a local nonprofit located in New Mexico, setting up shelter dogs with veterans diagnosed with PTSD and/or TBI to become service dogs, at no cost to the veteran.

John Grassham (Paws and Stripes) Tom McMahon (Co-President Road Runner Business Networking Group)

5) Straight to the Horse’s Mouth – Straight To The Horse’s Mouth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by a small community group dedicated to the long-term care of these horses.  The horses are now safely corralled on one of the member’s property in Placitas, NM.  Their needs are taken care of and they are gradually becoming accustomed to interaction with people.  They live safely off the road and are out of danger or threat.

Rich Reif (Straight to the Horse’s Mouth) Tom McMahon (Co-President Road Runner Business Networking Group)



6) God Cares About You exists to share God’s love and his Gospel with ethnically diverse and disadvantaged people in Albuquerque’s International Zone; transforming lives now and for eternity.   This ministry started in 2009 and continues to grow with five Lutheran churches involved in a variety of ways.  Contact:  German Montiel –

German Montiel; Al Koschmann with God Cares About You ; Jeff Koonce President Co Chair Road Runner Business Networking Group


Parrot Rescue of New Mexico

7) Birds Of A Feather is a non-profit organization that seeks to help rehabilitate and re-home birds that have been abandoned, neglected or surrounded due to difficult circumstances. With love and dedication, we help our feathery friends to return to a healthy natural state so that we can place them with forever homes and families. Contact:  Dorothy Newbill –

Dorothy Newbill with Birds of a Feather; Jeff Koonce President Co Chair; Kat Williams President Co Chair with Road Runner Business Networking Group




8) Karate is a great discipline! When coupled with the Gospel, it breeds a level of intentional discipleship that is second to none! Our Karate program is 100% donation based and teaches Biblical values and life skills captured by muscle memory that will be retained for years to come!  Though we do not require donations, most parents donate $25 Per student per month to keep our program afloat. Contact:  Pastor Spencer –

Pastor Spencer with Warrior Faith Ministries; Kat Williams President Co Chair with Road Runner Business Networking Group